Sunday, June 3, 2012

Such inventivness!

Just finished reading Out of Time, by Deborah Truscott, a time-travel/romance novel, one of whose protagonists is a Tory soldier transported to the modern-day Pennsylvania countryside.

Aside: great dialog, well-developed characters, fascinating historical detail, punchy ending. Download this book on your Kindle and for a pleasurable read.

To purchase some clamps for the Friends of the Farmers' Market booth, I made a foray out to Harbor Freight. I felt a little like the Revolutionary War soldier who was awestruck by the lawnmower, can opener, car.

There was a knife disguised in a key (to thwart TSA scanners?), a key chain-size utility knife, ceramic kitchen knives, a gas-fired stove that appears to be targeted to survivalists, air compressors the size of water heaters, and just about every type of fastener, glue, adhesive, clamp, clip, bolt, on the planet.

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