Monday, July 9, 2012

My brother the car

Those readers wearing bifocals may get the joke implied in the title of this post: a reference to a 60s and 70s television series starring Jerry Van Dyke, in which his mother was reincarnated as a vintage car.

But I digress.

The elder of my two brothers, Marshall, is a lifelong "car guy," who owns a successful car repair garage in Scottsdale, Arizona, rated a top shop by AAA for the past ten years.

He seems to think of his body in terms of a car. For instance, Marshall, at the office of an orthopedic surgeon, wrote he was getting a shot of—
"some kind of goop/gel to cushion some of the factory stuff that's worn out. Its a three-shot series. Once a week for three weeks. Supposed to get some benefit for like a year."
Note: the reading material in the ortho's waiting room was all motorcycle magazines. I guess he knows his clientele.

Marsh probably makes the analogy between carburetion and metabolism. The list could go on.

In another case, a friend's brother, a mechanic, went to Germany to work. The German mechanics asked why Americans chew gum. His German limited mostly to automotive terms, he replied, "It gives you good exhaust [breath]."