Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found on a commute

Moving down the road at 12 mph, I’ve found all manner of items—
  • Leatherman precision multipurpose tool and leather pouch
  • wood-handled screwdriver
  • crescent wrench/pliers combo
  • lots of towels (chain cleaners)
  • wallet with money but not ID removed (tried for months without success to find owner)
  • all manner of clothing.
Yesterday, on a slightly different route on my daily commute to the office, I spied a piece of purple netting. In a hurry, I decided not to stop. Then I saw a discarded flexible cell phone protector. About 10 feet away, on a grassy swale beside the road, was an iPhone. I stopped, picked the three items up, and continued to work. I can use the 1.5 yards of netting on a sewing project I have in mind.

I charged up the iPhone using the sync cable from my iTouch, figured out the name of the owner via Facebook, and sent her a message. Very grateful, this young mother picked up her telephone, and gave me a small poinsettia and a cool bookmark of copper wire and a stone as a token of appreciation.

A Washington, D.C., commuter found a pannier belonging to another cyclist. A few years ago, I read a blog limited to items other cyclists had found along the way.


Chile said...

On regular rides, I've found lots of sockets, a multi-tool I think my hubby said was for motorcycle repair, pliers, bungee cords, reusable water bottles, bike reflectors and the battery-operated rear blinking lights, and money.

Walking I've found loppers abandoned in a tree in a park (yes, I checked for park staff) and grabbers abandoned from litter pick-up.

Driving, I've stopped for a broom (still using it over 15 years later), a brand-new insulated grocery bag, money (bills), and a wallet. Since I found the wallet - with a lot of money in it - as I was pulling out of the courthouse back in SV, I turned right around and turned it into the police station there.

Waitress from Mensa said...

Wow, Chile, good haul! Oh, yes, lots of sockets found on my journeys: forgot about those. And an update: since this post I found a driver's license in the parking lot of a popular campus nightspot. No response from the owner to her Facebook account, and the letter to the address on the license was returned by USPS. One of the best finds on my cross-country bicycle trip was a very heavy plastic bag, presumably from Arizona Department of Highways litter pickup. These bags were great for keeping my tent and sleeping back, lashed to the rear rack,dry. Until, of course, a steer roaming free in a campground in Uvalde, Texas, bit through the plastic looking for food. The steer's companion, an agile goat, had already opened my handlebar bag and made off with my trail snacks while my back was turned.