Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fiestas Patrias

September 18 and 19, Fiesta Patrias (Patriotic Celebration) brought a festive attitude to downtown Bryan, Texas.

First the parade featuring—

  • many vaqueros on horseback, the women dressed in colorful skirts riding sidesaddle
  • many political entries, considering Election Day is less than 60 days away
  • among the political entries, Chet Edwards (Dem.), US Representative from District 17, walking beside his car wearing a Texas flag-style shirt
  • Chet Edwards' opponent in this contentious race, Bill Flores, rode in a convertible wearing a neckbrace
  • a middle school marching band...riding on flatbed trailer instead of marching
  • a trick reata roper and a small version of same
  • one tiny child on a tiny miniature horse
  • one tiny Smart Car representing an insurance agent
  • several low-riders with impressive hydraulic systems, including one that lifted up the right front wheel and drove that way.
After the parade, the booths galore.

The Brazos County Health Department was out in force. I saw at least three health inspectors.

Yummy tostada, custom-made vegetarian for me. And the elote! Fresh roasted corn on the cob, brushed with mayonnaise and covered with chili powder. The best corn I've ever tasted. Chile is a wonderful spice.

A Fiestas Patrias princess resplendent in a dress of my favorite color.

US Rep. Chet Edwards (Dem.), 17th Congressional District.
Colorful folklorico attire

Barbacoa on a spit with pineapple!

The paletera vendors, of course.

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